How is Bahía Concepción in Baja California Sur

In this bay you can find different beaches, each with its particular charm. For example, Santispac has abundant mangroves and an area of ​​the nearby mountain range has places with cave art, especially in the area called El Tordillo, about three kilometers inland.

Another of the most admired beaches in the surroundings of Bahía Concepción is El Requeson, which has a rocky white hill that, in periods of high tide, transforms into an island. Beaches such as El Burro, Los Cocos, Concepción, Armenta and Buenaventura also stand out for their wild beauty.

Tourist attractions of Bahía Concepción in Baja California Sur
It is worth mentioning that the transpeninsular highway completely surrounds Bahía Concepción, achieving a magnificent view from any area. Now, there are many water sports that can be practiced in Bahía Concepción: diving, snorkeling, rowing, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, skiing, etc.

Those interested in ecotourism will enjoy pleasant walks through the mangroves and the mountains, or discover the aforementioned cave remains for their great historical and anthropological value.

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